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Anand Ahuja holds Relation from Delhi’s Famous Businessman Family Anand is the CEO and Founder of Clothing Company ‘Bhane’. Apart from this, Anand Ahuja also owns sneaker boutique Veg-Nonveg.

Education And Business Of Anand Ahuja

Anand Ahuja has completed his studies from American Embassy School. After that, after graduating from Wharton Business School.

After completing studies, internship in Amazon Dot Com in America itself. After this, Anand came to India to handle his family business ‘Shahi Export’.

This company was started by Harish Ahuja, father of Anand .Anand Ahuja is interested to watch and play shoes and football besides walking around.

In their shoes rack, you will find different brands of shoes and different designs. He transformed his own passion into business and established the Famous Multi Brands Sneaker Company named Veg-Nonveg.

Apart from this, there are also owners of the company named Anand Bhane.

Anand Ahuja likes sneaker, basketball and Mexican food. Ananda And Fashion Designer Parania Qureshi is a good friend. Parnia Sonam is also a stylist.

Anand Ahuja Wiki

Love And Affairs Of Anand Ahuja

Sonam and Anand were met in the year 2014, and both of them started liking each other from this meeting, and one month later, Anand proposed Sonam.

Family And Property

Anand’s family too often lives in the headlines. Anand Ahuja’s father, Harish Ahuja, bought a bungalow in the Prithviraj Road area of Delhi.

which cost Rs 173 crores. Besides, Anand Ahuja’s own property is worth Rs 3,000 crore.

Anand is the Managing Director of ‘Shahi Exports’. The company’s ‘Shahi Exports’ has an annual turnover of approximately Rs 3,000 crore.

Anand is often found in many of Sonam’s home functions. According to this, people think that both of them can get married soon. Now, on May 8, the two will Married.

The discussion of Sonam Kapoor’s affairs Before Both Getting married with Anand Ahuja has been going on since year 2016, because the couple did not give up on the day-to-day love with Insta, but Neither Sonam nor Anand made any statement on this news.

Sonam Kapoor won the national award for the movie ‘Neeraja’, then Anand Ahuja appeared in Rashtrapati Bhavan. He not only stood up, but also enthusiastically applauded the warm applause of Sonam Kapoor.

On the other hand, when Anand’s clothing brand “Bhane” was four years old, Sonam regained the opportunity.

After this, gradually, with Anand Sonam, and specially on important family occasions, after which the discussions of both the marriage The wind started getting. Right now it is news that both are going to be tied in the formulas in May 8.

Anand Ahuja facts in Hindi

  • Sonam Kapoor also wears clothes for Anand Ahuja’s company ‘Bhane’.
  • She is very close to Pernia Qureshi (Sonam’s close friend and her stylist).
  • Anand Ahuja is a supporter of the basketball team ‘Los Angeles Lakers’.
  • Anand Ahuja likes to travel and his best loved ones are New York and Europe.
  • Anand Ahuja likes Brazilian dish ‘Acai bowl’.
  • Her all-time favorite song ‘The Notorious B.I.G’ is ‘Hypnotize’.

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