Top 10 Cricketers and their earnings through their brand endorsements

A lot of money is being spent on cricketers. In past, cricketers were mostly earning as the board of the respective player was paying the salary. But the trend has been changed as cricketers earn more and more through the cash-rich leagues like IPL, BPL, BBL or PSL.

Cricketers also make money due to endorsements. Till 2012-2014, MS Dhoni was the only cricketer to appear in top 30 highest paid athletes. However, Virat Kohli is the trending one in the year of 2017. Here in this article, we will present to you the top 10 paid cricketers.

Indian skipper Virat Kohli (Credits: Hindustan Times via AFP Photo)

10) Steven Smith

He is the main pillar of Australian batting in all forms of the game right now. He belongs from the fab four which consists of Virat Kohli, Joe Root, Steven Smith and Kane Williamson. The Australian Cricket Board pays him $2 million as the central contract, captain bonus and IPL deal. However, through endorsement, Smith earns $500,000 which makes his annual income about $2.5 million.

9) Gautam Gambhir

The 2011  World Cup hero has been released by BCCI from a central contract. However, Gambhir earns $1.5 million from IPL as he is captaining Kolkata Knight Riders there. Besides this, he earns $1 million from endorsement which makes his final income about $2.5 million

8) Yuvraj Singh
He earns $1.8 million from IPL contract and through endorsements, he gets about $2 million which makes his final income about $3.8 m

7) Virender Sehwag

He is the former destructive opener of Indian team who coaches Kings XI Punjab in IPL. His IPL contracts pay him a hefty sum of $1.8million. Besides this, through endorsements, he earns $2 million which makes his total income with the figures of $3.8 million.

6) Mitchell Starc

The Aussie fast bowler, Mitchell Starc is one of the lethal bowlers in the modern era. He gets a sum of $3.5 million through the central contract with team Australia and IPL deals. Besides this, through endorsements, he earns a huge sum of $500,00 which count his total figures as $4 million.

5) David Warner

The destructive opener from Australia earns a sum of $3.5 with the help of central contract and other cricket leagues. While as my endorsement, he owns $2 million which makes his annual figures as $5.5 million.

4) AB de Villiers

He is popularly known as MR 360 due to his shots which rain from all sides of the stadium. He is one of the most valuable athletes right now. Talking about his income, through IPL contract as he plays for RCB and by the central contract, AB earns $4.5 million. The endorsements help these figures to reach $6.5 as he receives $2 million from them

3) Chris Gayle.

He registers himself almost in every record. Yes, the Jamaican monster appears on this list as well. The West Indian Team opener gets $4.5 million as he plays almost every cricketing league of shorter format around the globe.

Whether CPL, IPL, BPL, PSL etc, fans never miss his absence. Talking about endorsements, he earns $3million which makes his final figures as $7.5 million.

2)MS Dhoni

He is the one of the best everything which happened with Indian Cricket as one can’t stop without calling him an asset. The most successful and World Cup-winning captain features at number 2 in our top paid cricketers list.

He earns $5.7 million with the help of IPL contract and central contract with BCCI. While as through endorsements, he earns a huge sum of $14 million which makes his total figures with $19.7 million

1) Virat Kohli

Present Skipper of Indian Cricket joins the highest paid cricketers club after former one. Yes, we are talking about Virat Kohli who is considered to be the best batsman across all formats of the game.

He is earning $6.9 million from IPL and BCCI contract. He gets a huge sum for advertising as well. By endorsements, Virat earns $20 million. So, his final figures look like $26.9 million

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