The current Australian side are no longer ‘Vintage Aussies’, says Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan SinghIndian great off-spinner, Harbhajan Singh feels that the current Australian side are no longer the vintage or mighty Aussies. Their pathetic away record is a testimony to the fact. Those were golden days when Aussies used to cause chaos to the opposition irrespective of any conditions. But, now they are tottering like a dead bird without life finding possible ways of survival.

Steven Smith might have behaved like a complete batsman in the tour but has failed to beef up the expectations of what a captain should do to take the team out of troubled waters. Australia have already lost the series 0-3 with two more cusps to go. Had they maintain the same body language as they showcased so far, then chances of bluewash are more likely.

Credits: Hindustan Times via BCCI Photo

“The kind of cricket Australia is playing it appears as if Sri Lankans are playing in yellow clothing. I haven’t seen that Australian thing from them here. And whatever I know of Virat and his team they will be looking for nothing less than 5-0,” Harbhajan Singh told Sportstak.

During Harbhajan’s stint against the Aussies, the vintage Aussies won’t give up unless they find a success pathway. But, as far as the current side is concerned, they are not even close to announcing their arrival.

“Look it’s obvious the Australian side that I competed against, the top 7 or 8 blokes were all match winners. Anyone could come in and win a match in his own right or score a hundred. They had that ability,” Harbhajan added.

Aaron Finch showcased his sheen on the turf that looked dazzling when he chipped in a gallant 124. Other than him, Warner or the skipper were a tad decent so far. The collective rhythm is a debatable thing in Aussies.

“I don’t think in this Australian side anyone other than Finch or Warner or to some degree Steve Smith can take the team forward. The middle order does not know to rotate the strike. When they go for big shots, they do it taking big risks. This team is not a shadow of that Australian side,” Harbhajan added.

Aussies can’t afford to lose any more and they will look to salvage pride in the upcoming games. Their recent defeat at the hands of Bangladesh means how they turned from bad to worse. They need a lot of catching up to do to get on top.

“We can’t forget this Australian team lost to Bangladesh recently. So there’s something wrong somewhere. Something seriously wrong” he added.

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