Sri Lanka Players refuse to tour Pakistan

Other teams should consider touring Pakistan was a complete phrase that told by former English cricketer Paul Collingwood earlier because of international cricket arrived to the outskirts of Pakistan. It is estimated that 40 Sri Lankan players wrote a formal letter to their respective board stating that they do not desire to jet off to Pakistan for T20I series that is scheduled to be organised later this month.

The current team players with central contracts are not convinced with the idea of getting into the scheme of things has called for change in venues for the T20Is and are expecting a good news soon. Eight years ago, the surreal nightmare struck Sri Lanka team bus when Pakistani terrorists attacked the Lankan players that was deemed to be the dark day of cricket’s diaries.

Credits: Cricbuzz via AFP

The bad memories are fresh and alive in the minds of the cricketers and that also puts further doubts for other teams to consider touring Pakistan in the future. Sri Lanka Cricket Board told that they will have a meeting with the players in the times to come in a bid to sort out the issue. “SLC will have a quick chat with the players very soon. We don’t intend to disturb them in middle of a series, but we are left with no option but to address the issue.

The ICC also will meet the players on Saturday to brief them about the situation in Lahore,” a close source told Cricbuzz. SLC also told that they are looking for sleeker solutions and they would not want Pakistan to disappoint them. “We are looking at all possibilities. Pakistan has been one our closest allies and we don’t want to let them down”.

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