Top 10 fittest cricketers in the modern world

The life of a cricketer is based on his performance on the field and discipline. No player is better and can turn a fruitful one in a long run if he won’t be a follower of discipline. Fitness is one of such issues which is part and parcel of discipline as it is related to commitments to prepare yourself to face a challenge. Today in this article, we will present before you top 10 devotees of discipline or one can say top 10 fittest players.

Manish Pandey and MS Dhoni while running between the wickets (Credits: Deccan Chronicle via AP Photo)

10) Ajinkya Rahane

He is the member of Indian Cricket and is among the fittest player of modern times. He is one of the improved players from past some years and is considered as one of the safe fielders. You will usually see this man guarding the circle or waiting to snatch a catch on slip cordon.

9) Azhar Ali

He took the captaincy reign from Misbah but later on stepped down. After Younus-Misbah duo took test retirement, one can see him guarding the slip position or standing at silly point. In ODI, he guards the circle.

8) Brendon McCullum

He is one of the best things that happened to New Zealand Cricket. He was a fine captain, an aggressive batsman and most importantly an attacking fielder. He was a part-time wicketkeeper as well.

7) Faf du Plessis

He is one of the best fielders in South Africa. He is known for his throwing abilities and he usually stands on a cover or mid-point region

6) Ravindra Jadeja

After watching his aerobatic skills, one can say simply he guards the whole ground. He is famous for his golden arm. Nowadays, the point region is specially meant for him.

5) Virat Kohli

He is a never give up man. He is the present skipper of team India and is the fastest one to achieve 8000 runs mark. He is meant for his fitness as he hardly misses a tour for team India.

4) David Warner

He is one of the explosive batsman and vice-captain of Team Australia. He is known in Australia team for his fielding and catching skills besides his aggressive batsman.

3) Martin Guptill

Many of our readers may get surprised due to his inclusion here. As per the stats, he is one of the successful fielders of New Zealand Cricket besides a dynamic batsman.

2) Suresh Raina

He is surely the best fielder of Indian Team and more than fielding coach he deserves the credit of Indian fielding. It is universally believed that Team India imitated fielding skills from Suresh Raina.

1) MS Dhoni

No doubt, you would have been aware of this pick. He is simply the idol of other wicketkeepers right now. He is known for his flash stumping abilities. 

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