Winning the U19 World Cup holds the special place in my heart and brain, says Kohli

It is no secret that Virat Kohli put in a hoard of efforts in the early stages of his career to become one of the best in the cricketing business now. When Kohli comes in out to bat, ‘Kohli, Kohli’ chants roar high at the background. This defines the scale of fame and reputation that he has built over the years.

In a recent press release, the run-machine reminisced about his best moment of winning the 2008 ICC U-19 World Cup against South Africa. Kohli went on to add saying that the winning the prestigious ICC tourney in the initial stages helped the young prospects to make a meteoric rise in their careers.

Indian skipper Virat Kohli (Credits: Hindustan Times via AFP Photo)

“The ICC U19 World Cup was a very important milestone in my career,” Kohli told in a statement emphasising the virtual importance of his greatest achievement. “It helped us get a good platform to build on and make our careers from thereon, so it holds a very important place in my mind and heart.

It’s very important to understand and respect the opportunity it provides you and as I said, for me, it holds a very special place in my heart,” Kohli added. Virat Kohli remembers playing against the talented Kane Williamson. Kohli said that he was easily able to spot out the charisma that Kane had in himself, something which the others lacked.

Talking about Steven Smith, Virat Kohli said that he didn’t play against Steven Smith at the U 19 tourney at that time. So, he didn’t get the luxury to watch him bat. However, Steve Smith’s transition was different from others. His meteoric makeovers from a leg-spin option to one of the modern-great technically gifted batting talents is truly remarkable.

“I remember playing against Kane. He was someone who always stood out in the team, his batting ability was very different from the other players who were around. Steve (Smith) I did not quite play against at the U19 level, so I didn’t watch him bat, but he has come a long way in his career as well.

It is good to know that so many people from that batch, not just three of us captaining our countries, but apart from that a lot of players have played for their respective countries,” Kohli concluded.

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